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  2. I understand that if I lack the use of the system that my account is subject for deletion and all of my money will be forfeited and reconciled back to main account. Examples of this are failure to load content to snapchat in a reasonable amount of time, promoting other premium snapchat solutions other than snapbabez, not adding and using customers from the model dashboard, not loading sexy exclusive content, etc. and I am aware that monitors my account.
  3. I understand that is the only billing company for all my sales and they can be reached 24/7 at
  4. I agree that if I decide to quit I will give a 45 days notice and all of my monthly subscribers will be cancelled immediately and access to my model dashboard will be made unavailable to me.
  5. I understand that if my accounts gets to many refunds or chargebacks that my account is subject for deletion
  6. I agree to keep my snapbabez model profile URL posted in my Instagram website bio link
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