Q. How do I access the private snapchat and instagram accounts of a model?

A. As soon as you make your payment your selected model will get an email notification notifying her of your payment with your username. She will then add you and automatically send you an email letting you know that you have been added to her private account.

Q. Are models required to post daily?

A. No. You are signing up on your own discretion and the model can perform anything that they wish. There is no model requirements. You can cancel at anytime if you are dissatisfied. You will be able to send direct messages to your model to request for various things they may or may not be supplied by the model. If you are dissatisfied with the frequency of the model please send her a message on her profile page. We obviously want the model to be posting on a regular basis and we will take action against the model if they are failing to update properly.

Q. How do I cancel my payments?

A. Contact CCBill.com and make sure you have your subscription ID.

Q. How does the model know I signed up to their account?

A. The model will be receive and email notification immediately after you make payment with your username. The model will then manually activate your username inside her account. At this time you will be notified via email notification that you have been granted private access.

Q. Can I screenshot content inside the private account?

A. Only if the model allows it. Just read the models profile page.

Q. It’s been 48 hours! What is the deal?

A. Well it can be a few things. Maybe the model is busy or she is lazy but we have found over 90% of the problem is because customers supplied the wrong username when they signed up. This could be you. Double or triple check and make sure it’s correct and if you find it to be wrong please contact your model on her contact form.

Q. Can I apply for a refund?

A. Yes. If you feel that your model hasn’t neglected what you believe you payed for email info@socialbabez.com your full request. We will take a look into the situation and determine info a refund will be granted.

Q. Can I purchase multiple models?